Freaky Wave 176

piracy / christmas..

Freaky Wave 175

take that auditor….

Freaky Wave 173

some blah about drones on twitter……droning….. on…..

Freaky Wave 172

all you need to do is open the attached download…..

Freaky Wave 171

splash 24/7 – “definitive guide to singapore”….hmmmmm

Freaky Wave 170

Fak… ice….

Freaky Wave 169

splash 24/7 – i think it was the free stuff that brought in all the executives…

Freaky Wave 168

Banana suits – jeanius consulting

Freaky Wave 167

punch up… save the wildlife…

Freaky Wave 166

The CEO of Geest Line once told us if there were roads to the West Indies, truck drivers we would all be

Freaky Wave 165

modal training… a freebie…after all it was truck tuesday ..truck it !

Freaky Wave 170

going ashore simulator –

Freaky Wave 169

3d – printer….


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