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By the way – did you know that Issue 2 is here? Soon to be followed by Issue 3 ? Its way way better than numero uno – thats the truth. Thanks to our contributors – its really turned out well. You can scoop it up for seven english pounds at –

watch out for […]

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Swim the Big Blue…..


Ben starts his Big Blue swim in November – quite an epic really. Thats a long old haul from Africa to Brazil – it really is (no shit Sherlock I hear you cry )

So looking forward to “doing” a daily cartoon along the way. I have a funny feeling the Jelly Fish that first appeared […]

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FREAKY WAVE – ISSUE 1 “The Bitter End”


After a few months of pushing Issue 1 – Issue 2 is well on the way to being knocked out. Thanks to all risked a tenner for Issue 1, Issue 2 “Uncontrolled Document” is about 80% paid for… i.e. 10% to go.

63% of all buyers are European, the rest to the Americas and Canada.

I’ve taken […]

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The Cartoon Muscle


Dr Freaky here. I’d like to introduce you to a little know muscle group that, collectively, is known as the cartoon muscle. Just like any other muscle – a cartoon muscle is prone to wastage if not used or properly exercised.

Most seafarers of a Merchant Navy disposition, have encountered similar wastage in their stomach muscles…an […]

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so far so good…

Easy easy….steady as she goes…all is looking well, slowly getting my head round uploading material on shakey breaky wifi.

Of course… I would say that, wouldn’t I? No such thing as operator error is there?…

Hope you are enjoying the cartoons –

Bgds (?- thats a telex “send off” isn’t it?

The Freaky Wave Team

ps – why are we […]

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Alive, alive oooohhhh….


Well the cheque must have cleared, because here we are…live. Well,…live – ish.Hope you enjoy this tangled view of maritime related stuff.

As always, we love feedback….help put some more freak in the freaky wave..So please, relax, enjoy and tell your shipmates and maritime chums and chumps about us.

The Freaky Wave Team

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