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Giving a little bit back.

Here’s some examples of some of the nice things we do with some of the cartoons “ill gotten gains”. Through my real job as a Pilot. I get to meet different ships crews from all over the globe on a daily basis. This facilitates the following…

Books To Ships-

About 90% of cargo ships have no access to the Internet, even whilst alongside. Seafarers tend to read a lot. Do you have a self published book you’d like to gift to a ships library? Send me your book and I can present it to the ship’s crew. You can tweet about it and tell the world. You could even follow your book around the world through It’s a win / win. Ships crew gain a new book for their library – you get some free promo.

And everyone gets a lovely warm feeling. If you want more details on how you could participate- please get in touch.

Freaky Friday- Write home.-

Small thing I know. But this gives the chance for some ships crew just to send a postcard home to say hi to their loved ones. It’s very simple- this is how it works. I give postcards to seafarers, they write home and we post them. Job done. Would you or your company like to sponsor some postcards – with your logo on the front? If so get in touch.

Cadet SOS pack.-

I was lucky when I went to sea in the mid- 1990’s. British Officers not only provided excellent training but also brilliant welfare and social activities. We had thriving officers bar, AND shore even. Everyone pulled together and looked out for one another.

More often than not, now I see more and more British cadets on ships training with Foreign Officers and non English speaking crew., dry ships, no shore leave. Splendid ISOLATION. You get the picture.

To help combat a little feeling of isolation we like to giveaway SOS packs to any cadets we might see – it’s a little moral boost. Newspapers / treats / magazines stuff like that.

Here’s an excerpt from an email received from a couple of cadets grateful cadets just before Christmas.

” dear sir / madam. We are trainee British deck officers . This morning one of your pilots boarded our vessel the MV…….. after providing the pilotage service- he returned to deliver luxury supplies such as chocolate, crisps and magazines etc. This extremely kind gesture was highly appreciated. “

A small thing- doesn’t take much to do and can make a difference to hard working British cadets. They are the future of our maritime industry.

Like all of the above – if you want to help out, get in touch.