Bawdy, Sweary,….nautical…….but nice.

“THE FREAKY WAVE” is an actual real life tree killer of a magazine.

With a limited print run of a freaky 500, it’s something “real” you can actually hold in your hand, cherish, use as a door stop, pub table leveller or, as a last resort, expensive five star bog roll.

Primarily Merchant Navy inspired humour, it features and encourages work from talented Mariners who have ventured forth working at sea… at the blunt end.

Full of cartoons, swearing, fake articles, fake adverts, fake hair, fake boobs “The Freaky Wave” encourages raw seagoing talent to showcase their many attributes.

LEWD CONTENT ADVISORY- I wouldn’t buy it for your mother…. unless she’s a partially toothed, roll up smoking, hard drinking deckhand on a North Sea anchor handler.

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